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A mobile application designed to provide you with access to mental health and wellness resources.


Habit Forming

Be guided by best practices to form sustainable and long-lasting habits. Learn how to start small and not overreach and fall short.

The Experts

Access 100s of lessons in The Experts section, hearing and learning from World Class leaders and thinkers about their strategies and tools for mental training.


Have access to guided meditation timers to tap into practicing attentional control. The mentally strongest out there have high levels of self-awareness.


Join the SportMind Training syllabus where you will be guided through each stage of how to train the mind and to dive into deeper and more nuanced themes.



Teenage athletes, College players, young professionals just starting out, seasoned veterans, and weekend warriors.

The Not So Sporty

You do not have to be an athlete to benefit from how athletes train the mind. Whatever field you are in, when it comes to training the mind, the topics transfer.

Business Leaders

Whether you are managing a large team, a new startup, or simply looking to develop a clearer and more focussed mind yourself, SportMind is for you.


When it comes to subjects such as concentration, alertness, attention to detail, clarity, calmness, and dealing with pressure, SportMind helps intellectuals.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to build mental strength?

Mental strength is a very complex topic and there are multiple definitions of mental strength. Because of this, we believe there is no one single way to build mental strength. It comes in different forms and ways. And also at different stages of life and circumstances.

Saying that, we do believe the best place to begin to develop real and sustainable mental strength is by heightening one’s self-awareness. Without heightened self-awareness, it is very difficult to know where the problems and blockages lie.

Our best advice would be to dive into the Training section of the website and from here you will get some great foundations and take the Non-Negotiables course. This will set you on your way nicely to beginning to raise your self-awareness and increasing your mental strength.

Alternatively, you could look to book in a 1:1 Zoom lesson to get a more detailed and personalised approach as to where your blockages may lie and how best to start your journey to sustained and solid mental growth.

How will SportMind help me in business?

Sport and business are more closely aligned than you may think. Athletes know better than anyone else what it takes to deliver under pressure and at the highest level. This is the same for the mindset of business professionals.

Both require dedication, unshakable belief in oneself, a determination to keep going even when one may feel like stopping.

And they both require the ability to have clarity of thought when under pressure to execute one’s plans and strategies.

Athletes often have to pick themselves up time and again, much like business professions and entrepreneurs.

The tools and methods that athletes have succeeded in competition with are transferable skills to the world of corporate business. Athletes have worked for decades on mastering the art of focus, concentration, handling setbacks, dealing with obstacles, and to keep coming back, time and again, to achieve the goals they set out.

Imagine what you would be able to achieve in business if you could learn and then execute the mental strategies that athletes use in high-stakes competition to be successful? We will show you exactly how to do this at SportMind.

What is SportMind?

SportMind is an app as well as a training philosophy for the mind. It’s a collection of forward-thinking individuals that brings together knowledge in an easily accessible, on-the-go format.

It’s about having a coach in your pocket, with you 24-7, and to get users in the habit of increasing mental strength daily.

We like to think that SportMind will benefit any individual, whatever the situation or circumstance may be, who is looking to be the best version of themselves and knows that the mind, and getting this right, is the gateway to achieving true success. And to feel grounded and content along the way.

This short video will also help explain SportMind a little more.

Will 1:1 lessons benefit me?

In short, yes!!

1:1 lessons are very specific to your setting and situation. We will ensure we get to understand you and your needs right from the outset, in order to get you working on improving your mental strength almost immediately.

We will use tried and tested models that work for different individuals. This is not a one-size fits all approach, but rather taking the most efficient tools from the large and robust toolbox and setting you up with how to practice and then execute the skills.

The 1:1 sessions are all recorded so you are able to watch them back afterwards to be reminded of anything you have missed. If you take a block of 1:1 lessons, then you will have your own Google Drive folder with a summary of each lesson and the tasks recommended to execute on. Lessons will be linked to each other and momentum will be built on previous learnings.

Our recommendation is to book at least a block of 4 lessons in order to get into some details about how best to train the mind and feel some real impact on how to improve your mental game.

Click here to book your 1:1 lessons today.

Will SportMind be able to help with my mental wellbeing?

We thoroughly believe that with the right attitude and the appropriate dedication, the SportMind philosophy and way of teaching can help almost anyone with their mental wellbeing.

We present grounded principles of psychology in a flexible and easily accessible manner. We are not dogmatic when it comes to a one-size fits all approach. Rather, we have brought together what we believe are the most impactful teachings ranging from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Rational Emotiver Behavior Therapy (REBT), Psychological Skills Training (PST), ancient Stoic and Buddhist teachings, and the collection and advice of conversations from world leading athletes, psycholgists, and doctors in the mental wellbeing space.

Disclaimer: We would also encourage individuals that may be really suffering with deep-rooted psychological and mental issues to seek out clinical professional help. We do not offer, nor claim to offer, to be clinical psychologists and this is beyond our wheelhouse.


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