🚨PRESS RELEASE 📰 Amanda Sobhy and Jesse Engelbrecht Set to Kick Off Second Full Season Partnership at SportMind.io

By Jesse Engelbrecht

By Jesse Engelbrecht

SportMind's Jesse Engelbrecht

Following an impressive year filled with notable victories, American squash icon Amanda Sobhy is set to embark on her second full season with mental coach Jesse Engelbrecht at SportMind.io.

Last season, Sobhy’s unique brand of squash led her to substantial triumphs over formidable opponents, including victories over seven-time World Champion Nour El Sherbini and World Number 3 Hania El Hamammy. Further marking her successful season, Sobhy secured the Canadian Open title, achieved a third-time championship at the Oracle Netsuite Open, and led Team USA to a historic 2nd place finish in the Women’s World Team Championships.

Through the highs and challenges of the season, including occasional injury setbacks, Sobhy showcased incredible mental strength, bouncing back in spectacular style to continue to cement her status as one of the worlds leading squash players. Amid these feats, she also clinched the Canadian Open title and led Team USA to an historic 2nd place finish in the Women’s World Team Championships, underscoring her position as one of the world’s leading squash players. Even in the face of injuries, Sobhy demonstrated her resilient spirit, successfully overcoming setbacks to continuously elevate her game.

“Despite injury issues in parts of the season, Amanda managed to overcome them and achieve success,” said Engelbrecht. “The mental and physical work Amanda has been putting in is incredible. She is currently in an intense block of summer training and is preparing for a big season ahead with some goals and targets we are working towards.”

Engelbrecht went on to add: “The mental fortitude from last season was massively encouraging and its about building on this mindset to ensure she is dining at the top table on a regular basis. Her technical skills, game IQ, and ruthless attacks are what sets her apart and I am looking forward to seeing these on display a lot more this season alongside a strong and resilient mindset in all conditions.”

Now based in Florida full-time with coach Wael El Hindi at Kinetic Indoor Racquet Club, Sobhy has recently achieved an impressive milestone: she’s become only the second American woman to reach 400 PSA matches. This feat follows her quarter-final clash with Egypt’s Hania El Hammamy at the PSA World Championships. Sobhy ranks second only to former World No.18 Latasha Khan in terms of professional appearances and has earned the distinction of being the highest-ranked American-born woman of all time.

With 400 matches and 20 PSA titles under her belt, and a career-high ranking of No.3, Sobhy demonstrates a stellar track record. The new season offers exciting potential for her to continue building on her past successes and to further hone her mental prowess under Engelbrecht’s guidance.

Sobhy says: “The mental aspect of the game is just as crucial as the technical and physical aspect of the game. When you are at the top, everybody is fit & can hit a good ball. What separates the good from the great is the mental aspect. Just like how I want to surround myself with the best fitness & squash coaches, I want to work with the best mental coach which is why I am working with Jesse at SportMind. We are constantly looking to improve and challenge my mental game in order to become the best. I love the work that I’ve been doing so far with Jesse & I’m looking forward to continuing on with him for many more seasons to come!””

This upcoming season, as Sobhy focuses on refining her mental game, promises to be a thrilling journey for her, and indeed, all who follow the sport.

For additional details and updates on Sobhy’s journey and victories this coming season, please visit her website or follow her on Instagram.

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