🚨PRESS RELEASE 📰 SportMind Announces Partnership with Squash Sensation Victor Crouin

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By Jesse Engelbrecht


SportMind, the innovative app and training philosophy dedicated to enhancing mental strength and wellbeing, is thrilled to announce its partnership with French #1 world-renowned squash player Victor Crouin. 

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the sports and wellness industry, bringing together the expertise of a leading mental training platform with the talent and dedication of a top-tier athlete.

Victor Crouin, celebrated for his remarkable achievements in the squash world, has joined the ranks of SportMind Pros. 

With several Tour titles under his belt and a breakthrough into the world’s top ten in 2022, Crouin is no stranger to the demands of high-level competition. His journey, marked by consistent success and a relentless pursuit of excellence, is further distinguished by his academic tenure at Harvard University. 

Balancing rigorous academic challenges with the demands of professional sports, Crouin exemplifies the quintessence of a well-rounded athlete. His ability to thrive in the intellectually stimulating environment of Harvard while maintaining top athletic performance resonates deeply with SportMind’s philosophy of diligent mental preparation and improvement. 

This unique blend of academic and athletic discipline positions Crouin as a beacon of mental fortitude and resilience, embodying the core values that SportMind seeks to instill in its users.

“Joining forces with SportMind is a game-changer for me,”

said Victor Crouin.

“As an athlete, I’ve always believed mental strength to be just as crucial as physical strength. SportMind’s tools and philosophies are exactly what I need to enhance my mental game and stay at the top of my performance.”

Jesse Engelbrecht, Founder of SportMind, expressed his excitement about the partnership.

“I am honoured to welcome Victor to our team of SportMind Pros. His dedication, discipline, and achievements are a true testament to the power of mental fortitude in sports. I look forward to supporting Victor in his journey and showcasing the impact of the SportMind mental training tools and strategies.”

The unique relationship Victor shares with his father and coach, Emmanuel Crouin, is especially noteworthy. This familial bond transcends the typical player-coach dynamic, offering a deeper level of understanding and support. Emmanuel’s guidance has been pivotal in Victor’s career, shaping him into the athlete he is today. Their relationship exemplifies the importance of mental and emotional support in achieving sports excellence.

SportMind’s app and training philosophy offer a comprehensive approach to mental training, including habit-forming guidance, expert lessons, meditations, breathing practices, and visualisations. 

This partnership with Victor Crouin is a significant step in demonstrating the effectiveness of SportMind’s methodologies in the highly competitive world of professional sports.

For more information about SportMind and its partnership with Victor Crouin, please visit SportMind’s website.

Victor Crouin stats:

NameVictor Crouin
Date of Birth16 June 1999
BirthplaceMarseille, France
Height170 cm
Weight65 kg
EducationHarvard University
CoachEmmanuel Crouin (father)
Professional Since2015
Highest World Ranking7 (as of 6 March 2023)
Racket SponsorDunlop
Major AchievementsMultiple Tour titles, Broke into top ten in 2022, Gold Medal at World Games
ClubsIMSAT Toulon, RM Club Annecy, Open Squash

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