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๐Ÿ“† Monday 5th August 2024

I played my best squash at the London Classic and a big part of that has been the mental aspect and the work I have done with Jesse.

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๐Ÿ“† Monday 5th August 2024

Accelerator Outcomes

Enhanced Focus:

Learn conscious breathing techniques, including The Oxygen Advantage method, to balance and regulate your autonomic nervous system and maintain peak concentration.

Improved Consistency:

Develop sustainable habits and mental routines through science-based tools to ensure consistent high-level performance.

Boosted Confidence:

Overcome performance anxiety and negative self-talk with proven psychological strategies and mental resilience training.

Peak Performance:

Learn and apply proven visualisation protocols and deliberate mental conditioning techniques to achieve superior mental and athletic performance.

Breakdown Of The Online 6-Week Accelerator

Week 1-2: Learning Oxygen Advantage Breathwork Protocols

What You Will Learn:


Week 3-4: Visualisation Protocols

What You Will Learn:


Week 5-6: Sustainable Habit Formation

What You Will Learn:


How It Works

Weekly Educational Videos:

At the start of each week, a new educational video will be released based on the theme. This video will cover both theory and guided practical application, showing you exactly how to apply the tools in your specific setting.

Live Group Coaching Calls:

Towards the end of each week you will have the opportunity to attend the live group coaching call. Attend live if possible, but if not, you can send in your questions and watch the recordings at your convenience.

Supportive Community Group:

Join a community group with other participants to share your wins, ask for feedback, and use it as a 'home base' for anything required during the 6 weeks.

SportMind App Access:

Enjoy full access to the SportMind app with all premium features unlocked for a full 1-year period. The app acts as your coach in your pocket and a gym for the mind available to you 24/7.

Break Free From Mental Barriers

Overcome Common Challenges and Achieve Your True Potential

Overwhelmed by Performance Pressure?

Feelings of intense pressure before and during competitions can hinder your performance. You’re not alone, and this program provides the tools to manage and thrive under pressure.

Frustrated by Inconsistent Results?

Inconsistent performance can be incredibly frustrating. Discover methods to build sustainable habits and mental routines that ensure you perform at your best every time.

Struggling with Pre-Game Anxiety?

Anxiety before a big game is a common challenge for many athletes. Learn techniques to calm your mind and channel your nervous energy into peak performance.

Achieve Unwavering Focus and Confidence

Imagine stepping onto the field, court, or track with complete focus and confidence. With the right mental tools, you can perform at your highest level, every time.

Many top athletes trust in my process, and their consistent results are a testament to its effectiveness. Now, I invite you to join the SportMind Accelerator. Trust in this meticulously honed program, and experience the difference for yourself. Learn and apply the tools in the simple yet powerful way I teach, and watch your performances soar.
Jesse Engelbrecht
SportMind Founder and Coach



Comprehensive Educational Videos:

Weekly themed videos with clear instructions and practical applications of mental training tools.


Supportive Community Access:

Join a dedicated community of like-minded athletes to share your wins, seek feedback, and stay motivated.


Live Group Coaching Calls:

Participate in weekly group coaching calls with Jesse and other participants for real-time guidance and support.


Lifetime Access to Course Materials:

Access all course content and recordings anytime, ensuring you can revisit and reinforce your learning whenever needed.


Proven Mental Training Techniques:

Learn and apply techniques such as conscious breathing, visualisation, and habit formation to enhance focus, confidence, and consistency.


Personalized Feedback:

Receive individualised feedback during group coaching sessions to fine-tune your mental training practices.


Exclusive Insights and Tools:

Gain access to specialised tools and strategies used by top athletes to overcome mental barriers and achieve peak performance.


Flexible Learning Schedule:

Enjoy the flexibility to learn at your own pace, with content available to fit your personal and professional schedule.


Continuous Improvement Resources:

Stay connected with ongoing resources, including discounts on 1:1 lessons, to continuously enhance your mental game.


Bonus: 1-Year Premium Access Pass to the SportMind App:

Gain exclusive access to the SportMind app with over 500 lessons to train your mind. Engage with content from world-class experts and professional sportspeople to further your mental training.


What Athletes Say About SportMind

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the SportMind Accelerator for?
Athletes of all levels looking to improve their mental game and achieve consistent peak performance.
How is the program structured?

The program spans 6-weeks and is meticulously structured to ensure effective learning and application of mental training tools.

Each week has a specific theme, presented through an educational video with clear instructions and practical ways to apply the concepts.

Youโ€™ll also join a supportive community where you can share your wins and ask for feedback, with Jesse actively participating.

Towards the end of each week, youโ€™ll be invited to a group coaching call (exact days and times to be confirmed during the course) to interact directly with Jesse and other participants.

This structured approach is designed to help you learn, apply, and consistently execute the powerful mental tools taught in the program.

Will I have access to the recordings and content after the course is completed?

Yes, you will have lifetime access to all materials, allowing you to revisit the content anytime you need a refresher or a mental boost.

How often are SportMind Accelerator programs offered, and when is the next one?
The 6-week SportMind Accelerator runs several times throughout the year. If there is no date advertised for the next session, you can sign up for the waitlist to get first notification when doors open, along with an early bird discount option.
Can I join the program after it has started?

Yes, you can join in with the program at any point. You will have access to all the previous recordings plus group coaching call lessons also. You can watch the content at your own time and pace and catch up as quickly as you would like.

What if I canโ€™t attend a session live?
All sessions are recorded and available for you to watch at your convenience.
How much time will I need to dedicate to the program each week?
The program is designed to be flexible and manageable. You can expect to spend about 2-3 hours per week, including watching the educational videos, attending group coaching calls, and practicing the techniques.
Tell me more about the SportMind membership?
The SportMind Membership offers a comprehensive psychological training toolkit to empower your athletic journey. Membership includes full access to on-demand learning via the SportMind Training Syllabus and app, a 45-minute onboarding and goal-setting call, monthly live group coaching calls, discounts on 1:1 lessons, and more. Engage with a global community, receive daily insights, and continuously enhance your mental game.ย Find out more about SportMind Membership.

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