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By Jesse Engelbrecht


Fayrouz Aboelkheir, one of the youngest players on the Professional Squash Association (PSA) Tour, has partnered with Jesse Engelbrecht at SportMind.io, a leading provider of psychological tools for athletes, to enhance her mental game on and off the court.

Born in 2006, Aboelkheir has already made a name for herself in the world of squash, reaching the top 50 rankings and securing multiple wins in prestigious tournaments. Her early success, and dedication to her mental health, is a testament to her ambition and drive to achieve the highest levels.

Jesse Engelbrecht, founder of SportMind, expressed his admiration for Aboelkheir’s commitment to her mental game, stating,

“It’s truly impressive to see someone as young as Fayrouz pay attention to the crucial aspect of mental health in sports. Her determination to reach new heights reflects her understanding of the importance of getting her mind right, both on and off the court.”

Aboelkheir’s journey began with a remarkable victory at the Egyptian Challenger Tour #1, where she emerged as the champion despite being unseeded. She followed up this triumph with another win at the CIB Egyptian Challenger Tour, proving her skill and potential. 

In September 2021, Aboelkheir entered Platinum level action at the CIB Egyptian Open, propelling herself into the top 100 rankings at just 15 years old. She continued to make waves in her first international tournament, reaching the semi-finals of the CAS – Serena Hotels / Combaxx International Squash Championships. As the new season kicked off in 2022, Aboelkheir maintained her strong performance, consistently making appearances in the last 16 of tournaments and steadily climbing the world rankings.

A major turning point in Aboelkheir’s career came when she clinched her third Challenger Tour title at the CAS – Serena Hotels/Combaxx International Squash Championships. Defeating her compatriot Malak Khafagy in the final, Aboelkheir proved her resilience and determination. Subsequently, she achieved a series of impressive results on the PSA World Tour, including reaching the third round of a Platinum event at the Everbright Securities International Hong Kong Squash Open.

Recently, Aboelkheir reached a career-high ranking of World No.33 after a strong performance at the El Gouna International tournament. Her consistent presence in the last 16 and quarterfinals of various prestigious events has solidified her position as a top contender in the squash world.

Recognising the integral role that mental well-being plays in athletic performance, Aboelkheir has teamed up with SportMind.io to further elevate her game. SportMind, renowned for providing athletes with a comprehensive psychological toolkit, will equip Aboelkheir with the necessary tools to strengthen her mental resilience and focus.

When asked about the partnership, Aboelkheir shared,

“Joining the SportMind team feels like unlocking a new level in my career. The mental game, as we all know, is just as critical, if not more, than the physical one. I believe that with Jesse’s expertise, I can fix any mental gaps I might have and truly play my best.”

She further elaborated,

“I’m really happy to be part of the SportMind team. The tools and techniques on offer aren’t just about being a better athlete; they’re about being a better version of myself. It’s not just about the coming season; it’s about the rest of my career. I’m eager to embrace this whole new start and explore what more I can achieve with a strong and balanced mindset.”

The collaboration between Aboelkheir and SportMind symbolises the growing recognition of the crucial role mental well-being plays in sports. Aboelkheir’s dedication to honing her mental skills at such a young age showcases her maturity and determination to excel in every aspect of her game.

“By prioritising her mental well-being, Fayrouz is setting herself up for long-term achievements, both on and off the court.” says Engelbrecht. 

A significant triumph in Aboelkheir’s young career was her crucial role in leading Egypt to victory at the SDAT WSF Squash World Cup in Chennai in June 2023. Egypt made an impressive comeback, beating Malaysia to be crowned champions. Amid the intense action, Aboelkheir showcased unparalleled focus, determination, and resilience, leading to her clinching an instrumental win for her team. Reflecting on the crucial match, Aboelkheir said,

“It wasn’t an easy match! Last time with Aira it was [very tough] and she beat me 3-2. This time, I had to keep my focus. I’m really proud of each and every one of us, we fought really hard to get this title.”

For more information on Fayrouz Aboelkheir and to see her latest results, please follow her on Instagram.


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