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Jesse Engelbrecht

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A professional and dedicated coach full of enthusiasm and passion for helping and teaching. Driven to get the best out of individuals by deeply exploring the way we think and then the way we react to situations.

I have been an ex-professional Squash Player, competing on the Pro World Tour for over 10 years. Reached the World’s Top 50 ranking and won 15 International Titles.
I have been the NUMBER 1 ranked South African player as well as been awarded player of the year on several occasions.
I am now a High Performance Coach with a masters degree in Sport And Exercise Psychology.
I work with athletes, business professionals, and teams, specializing in coaching mindset and lifestyle.
I use a blend of modern psychology incorporated and grounded in ancient stoicism and buddhism.
I find the best methods that fit and suit the individual and the situation and supply real-world practical tools. I am a keynote speaker.
I am the founder of the SportMind App, Syllabus, and Podcast.
Created to help individuals raise their self-awareness and get the best out of themselves by supplying knowledge and a mental toolkit.
Sportmind Instructor Jesse

Quick Squash Tips

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My Services

Taking the years of professional knowledge as a competitor and now a coach and bringing all the first-hand success, lessons from failures, and teachings together in one place.
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Specialising In Motivational Interviewing.

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Masters Degree In Sport And Exercise Psychology

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An Individualsed And Empathtic Approach.