🚨PRESS RELEASE 📰 Siva and SportMind’s Jesse Engelbrecht Join Forces for a Monumental Return

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By Jesse Engelbrecht

SportMind's Jesse Engelbrecht

Following a challenging period after her car accident, world-ranked No. 16 squash player, Sivasangari Subramaniam (“Siva”) from Malaysia, has teamed up with Jesse Engelbrecht, the founder of SportMind.io, to turbocharge her mental game. As Siva prepares for a monumental return, the collaboration seeks to break new ground in sports performance, using the power of mental training alongside her physical work.

Siva’s past achievements are testament to her commitment and skill, having made significant strides in the world of squash over the years. Her successful stint saw her make the top 30 World Rankings in summer 2021, showcasing numerous tournament victories, Platinum level tournament participations, and consistent top placements. However, a car accident in 2022 halted her progress, taking her off the courts.

As Siva reflected in her recovery phase after her accident,

“Challenges are what makes life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”

Jesse Engelbrecht, with an extensive toolkit for mental coaching, remarked,

“Knowing where Siva was before her accident, it’s not just about recovery, it’s about advancing beyond previous benchmarks. With SportMind’s proven strategies, I believe we have the tools to propel her further than ever before.”

While Siva continues to train under the legendary former player and coach David Palmer, who guided her during her time at Cornell, the introduction of SportMind’s expertise adds another dimension to her preparation. 

Integral to this collaboration is Phil Wilkins, who, over the years, has played a pivotal role. Wilkins is renowned for not just his coaching qualities, but also for his ability to make connections, linking the right people at opportune moments, further fostering growth and opportunities in the sport. His involvement has been instrumental in forging this new partnership, amplifying its potential for success.

“The mental side of the game is as important as the physical side of the game. I’ve never really prioritise my mental side of the game. So, I think by working and improving on my mental strength, it would make me a stronger player on court. I’m very excited to be working with Jesse from SportMind. We had a great connection from the start and I’m sure he will be helping me out with his tools for the betterment of my emotions and thoughts on and off court.”, Siva said.

Sivasangari Subramaniam’s return to the game is much anticipated by fans and fellow players. As she prepares for the upcoming season with renewed vigour and a fortified mental game, the world of squash awaits to observe her squash skills once more.

About SportMind.io: Founded by Jesse Engelbrecht, SportMind.io offers a cutting-edge approach to mental coaching, helping athletes unlock their full potential and overcome challenges on and off the court.

About Sivasangari Subramaniam: An elite Malaysian squash player, Siva’s impressive career has seen her clinch numerous titles and reach the world ranking of 16. With resilience at her core, she aims for a formidable comeback post her accident in 2022. Follow her progress on Instagram @sivasangari_


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