🚨PRESS RELEASE 📰 Sivasangari Subramaniam Clinches the Tuanku Muhriz Trophy 2023 with Resounding Victory

By Jesse Engelbrecht

By Jesse Engelbrecht


Malaysia’s No.1 squash player, Sivasangari Subramaniam (@sivasangari_), began her season with a roaring success by winning the Tuanku Muhriz Trophy 2023, hosted on her home soil. This win holds significance as it marks her first event playing as a full-time professional since graduating from Cornell, and her first PSA title since the Australian Open in 2019.

Jesse Engelbrecht, founder of SportMind and Subramaniam’s mental coach, emphasises the importance of the mental fortitude she displayed throughout the tournament. 

“This victory isn’t just a testament to Siva’s physical prowess but a clear indication of her mental framework we are building. We’ve been laying a strong emphasis on mental conditioning, and witnessing her handle the enormous pressure of being the top seed and Malaysia’s No.1 at home solidifies our approach,” Jesse said.

Subramaniam, reflecting on her win, noted,

“It’s a good win for me to start off the PSA season. It’s always exciting to be back home playing a tournament here, but obviously there‘s also a lot of pressure on me. But I think I did well in staying calm mentally and emotionally throughout the whole tournament and that’s one of the biggest part of my victory.”

The resilience and determination of Subramaniam cannot be understated. A mere seven months ago, her return to the tour seemed uncertain after a major car crash near Kuala Lumpur. The accident led to severe injuries that could have potentially ended her career. Against all odds, she made an astounding  recovery and, with the support of her team, has reclaimed her rightful place competing at the top end of her sport. 

Her victory at the Tuanku Muhriz Trophy was an impressive show of dominance, as she didn’t drop a single game throughout. Notably, she showed exceptional grit in closing out tight games where others may have succumbed to pressure. With an average match time of just 21 minutes, Subramaniam’s performances were both swift and decisive.

As she gears up for the QTerminals Qatar Classic 2023 early next month, her recent title victory sets an optimistic tone with a determination to continue her winning streak.

As Subramaniam continues her journey, her dedication and resilience resonate deeply, offering hope and inspiration to many in the squash community.


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