🚨PRESS RELEASE 📰 SportMind Announces Collaboration with Trinity College Men’s Squash

By Jesse Engelbrecht

By Jesse Engelbrecht


SportMind, the leading mobile platform in mental resilience and peak performance training, is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Trinity College Men’s Squash. This partnership establishes SportMind as the psychological partner for the Trinity College Squash Team, offering players and coaches a robust toolkit for mental training and well-being.

Jesse Engelbrecht, creator of SportMind and a former professional squash player, will lead the initiative. Engelbrecht brings a wealth of experience as an ex-professional player and former South African no.1, providing unique insights and strategies to enhance the mental strength of the players.

Engelbrecht commented,

“This partnership marks a pivotal moment in the advancement of mental training within collegiate sports. As a player, I never had access to the extensive mental training resources that we now offer through SportMind. We’re providing the Trinity College men’s squash team with a full toolkit to train their minds, accessible anytime and anywhere. Whether a player wants to skim the surface or dive deep into mental training, we have something for everyone.”

The players at Trinity College will have access to SportMind’s comprehensive services, including detailed workshops addressing major mental hurdles, a complete training syllabus, the innovative Squash Playbook and Squash Playbook AI, one-on-one psychological lessons with Jesse, and the SportMind mobile app.

Moustafa Hamada, the newly appointed head men’s squash coach at Trinity College and former Bantam captain, is excited about the forward-thinking approach of this partnership.

“We’re excited to partner up with Jesse for this upcoming season. Jesse’s knowledge and energy will be a massive help for the team. SportMind offers many tools and resources that are incredibly useful for squash players. We cannot wait to go on this journey with him.” said Hamada.

Paul Assaiante, the legendary former head coach and current assistant coach, who led the team to 17 Potter Trophy titles and holds the record for the longest winning streak in college sports history, also supports this innovative move. 

“It is exciting for us to work with Jesse because his reach across many aspects of the game (physical, mental, and technical) is unmatched. Super excited to go down this path with him.”

SportMind’s collaboration with Trinity College Men’s Squash underscores the importance of mental training in athletes’ lives, not just for peak performance but also for their overall mental well-being. 

With a strong emphasis on science-backed strategies and a commitment to athletes’ mental health, SportMind is setting a new standard in athlete support.

About Trinity College Men’s Squash

Trinity College Men’s Squash, a small liberal arts college team with a towering reputation, has dominated the squash world for decades. The men’s team is celebrated for “The Streak,” a 252-match winning run, the longest in college sports history. Now in its 75th season, the team continues to exemplify excellence, with recent achievements including a 17-5 record and a 15th consecutive NESCAC title.

About SportMind

SportMind is a mobile platform dedicated to enhancing mental resilience and peak performance. With daily insights, expert advice, guided meditations, personalised training, and a supportive community, SportMind provides a comprehensive solution for mental training. Learn more at www.SportMind.io.

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