🚨PRESS RELEASE 📰 SportMind’s Jesse Engelbrecht Commits to Mentoring Ryan Gwidzima, A Young Zimbabwean Squash Prodigy

By Jesse Engelbrecht

By Jesse Engelbrecht


SportMind.io, a sports performance initiative dedicated to building the mental strength of athletes, proudly announces its collaboration with 17-year-old Zimbabwean squash sensation, Ryan Gwidzima. Jesse Engelbrecht, the passionate force behind SportMind and a proud Zimbabwean, has been tracking Ryan’s journey for years. Seeing such undeniable grit and drive in a young talent, Engelbrecht felt a deep-seated desire to lend his expertise.

“Ryan’s narrative is relatable, echoing the struggles and triumphs I experienced growing up in Zimbabwe. Keeping track of his dedication over the years, especially with the challenges he’s faced, I felt an immediate connection. This collaboration is not just about refining skills; it’s about developing a powerful mindset and way of thinking, both on and off the court,” Engelbrecht remarks.

Introduced to squash at just 4 years of age, Gwidzima’s devotion to the sport was evident early on. His hard work and talent didn’t go unnoticed. At the age of 12, Ryan secured a scholarship to the prestigious Wycliffe College in the UK, a remarkable achievement and testament to his skills but also his character. However, his journey has involved plenty of challenges. A lack of coaching infrastructure in Zimbabwe meant that he often practiced alone, and financial limitations meant only being able to play in one international event per year. Yet, these hurdles only strengthened Ryan’s grit and resilience.

Sharing his experiences, Gwidzima says,

“Every practice, every game, every setback has been a lesson. While the lack of resources and competition is a challenge, they also helped me, making me more resilient. With Jesse’s help, I’m looking forward to further honing my mental game, an aspect so crucial in competitive sports.”

Engelbrecht adds,

“Ryan’s story epitomises the essence of determination. His age, his early achievements, and the adversities he’s overcome resonate with the vision I have for SportMind. Our collaboration goes beyond mere mentorship; it’s a commitment to uplift and empower a fellow Zimbabwean, paving the way for his brighter future.”

SportMind’s partnership with Gwidzima isn’t just about one individual’s growth. It symbolises hope for many young athletes in Zimbabwe, proving that with dedication and the right guidance, one can turn challenges into stepping stones.


Guided by ex-professional squash player Jesse Engelbrecht, SportMind focuses on cultivating the mental resilience of athletes. The initiative is dedicated to helping athletes navigate challenges, ensuring holistic development, both in their sport and in life.


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